Government Survives Windrush Vote, But We Knew That

Government Survives Windrush Vote, But We Knew That

Theresa May’s enforcement of a three-line whip on a key vote relating to the Windrush scandal has done the business.

Despite the opinions and feelings held by Tory MP’s, the party whips have ensured that the government didn’t suffer a humiliating and potentially fatal defeat in a vote on whether documents relating to its immigration policy should be released.

The Prime Minister was the Home Secretary and directly responsible at the time new immigration rules were introduced in 2014 – which in turn created the Windrush scandal. Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd has already fallen on her sword as a result, although it is clearly evident that she had done so in order to protect her boss.

Without the three-line whip, and assuming the government were defeated in the vote, it is widely thought that the documents that would end up being released would be considerably damaging. It is entirely possible that the damage would bring the government down.

So the government battens down the hatches and survives the vote, but isn’t the point still evidently clear here?

Isn’t this government concealing information which could, or could not be fundamental to settling the Windrush scandal once and for all?

What exactly is this government hiding??