Brighton Deserved to Beat Manchester United

Brighton Deserved to Beat Manchester United, and Fair Play to Them

Brighton and Hove Albion confirmed their place in the Premier League next season, defeating Manchester United 1-0 at the Amex Stadium.

As a life-long Manchester United fan, it was a difficult game to watch, they were absolutely shocking. Granted Mourinho had made quite a few changes, presumably with the FA Cup final in mind. But still, the performance of the players on the pitch was nothing short of a disgrace.

Brighton on the other hand, well they wanted to win.

Why am I so Interested in this Game?

I spent several years in Brighton in the early 2000’s, and followed Brighton’s promotions through the football league. I recall going to the Withdean stadium, which is not a football stadium at all, on November evenings in the worst weather conditions that only the south coast can produce.

It was “proper” football, and that’s what Brighton displayed for the fans tonight.

So seeing Brighton retain their Premier League status was something I had deep down, a lot of pride for. I just wish it wasn’t against Manchester United!!

That said, hats of to Chris Houghton and his team for their performance, and a big well done for staying in the top flight. They fought for it, they wanted it, they got it.

Manchester United on the other hand – if they are to win the FA Cup, their performance will need to be significantly, miles, light-years better than what I witnessed tonight.

Gary Neville had some interesting words after the match, saying; “You always have doubts in life. They started to turn that round with the Arsenal win, which starts to turn things round and makes you realise you don’t need to fear anything, you’re going to play some good teams but we’re playing against human beings.

“The spirit of team-work, team-ethic and all those things you want in a football team is in abundance here.

“It’s the first time I’ve been at the AmEx, it’s outstanding. It’s full, they were up for it, and I’ve really enjoyed it.”