Total Wipeout for UKIP; Tories, Labour Tread Water

Polling Station Generic1 - Total Wipeout for UKIP; Tories, Labour Tread Water

With all of the of the results in, UKIP are all but wiped out in the UK local elections 2018. Tories and Labour hold their own, and the Lib Dems start to recover ground.

Just as I predicted before the close of polls last night, the UKIP vote has collapsed and the party’s representation on local councils across the country has been decimated.


The result is so damaging for the anti-EU party that it will now be essentially finished as a going concern in British politics.

Elsewhere, apart from a few local authorities changing hands, it’s “as you were” for Labour and the Conservatives, with the latter picking up Dudley council – that result being the stand-out story of the election so far.

Labour have taken control of Plymouth Council, a result that the party will certainly hail as a decisive victory – expect a lot of spin by MP’s and probably Corbyn himself on this one in the coming days.

Vince Cable’s Liberal Democrats have begun the local politics comeback following several years in the electoral wilderness caused by their part in the 2010 coalition government. The Liberals are, like Labour, spinning the victories as a resurgence of support for the party’s ideals and policies – it really isn’t, there is a direct correlation between the collapse of the UKIP vote, and the increase of the Lib Dem vote….

… translated?? The spoiler – or protest vote – has returned to the Liberal Democrats.

British Politics Never Ceases to Amaze

Well, at the end of another of what seems like an endless train of election cycles, it’s as you were folks.

The political landscape where Westminster is concerned has not changed one bit.  The only difference now? UKIP is finished – but once they won the referendum, that was always on the cards.

Why do you think his lordship Nigel Farage abandoned the show?!?!