Lou Dobbs – You’ve Lost My Respect

Lou Dobbs - You've Lost My Respect

I used to have a lot of respect for Lou Dobbs when he was a financial journalist, now he’s a political puppet.

Quite why he’s not transitioned to Fox News I don’t know, because his Fox Business show is just continuous political blather.

It’s not even worth the advertisers’ dollars to keep the nonsense that gets spewed on a daily basis, on the air.

Dobbs was once a respected broadcaster. He left the broadcasting world when CNN went through an identity crisis of it’s own in the 2000’s.

He would have been the cornerstone of reporting if he had stuck at it with CNN, for the financial crisis back in 2008. Sadly, as is all too often in the glitz and glamour of American news channels, the profile and status got too much of him.

Yes, politics does cross with economics, and yes, there is an amount of cross-over.

But come on Dobbs! Who are you kidding?

Sadly, and I’ve used that term a lot in this article, what was once a sterling broadcaster, one who covered the 1987 crash with aplomb, is now nothing short of a puppet.

Dobbs was even on air with his “Moneyline News Hour” on CNN when such major stories such as the Clinton Impeachment, Strike on Iraq, and numerous other major news stories were developing.  His ability to deliver breaking news is not in question, his morals however, are.

What an absolute shame that a once respected journalist becomes a political mouthpiece.

Obviously, Money – or in Lou Dobbs’ case – Moneyline talks!