Australian Parliament Kicks Out Senator for being British

Australian Parliament Kicks Out Senator for being British

Australian High Court has ruled that Labor Party Senator Katy Gallagher is ineligible to sit due to having dual nationality.

At risk of sounding like a pompous colonialist, this just smacks of outright madness and institutional bullying, bordering on racism by a Commonwealth territory which still has Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state.

That sentence you have just read should have summed this whole sorry saga for this hard-working now former Senator.

The British Queen is the head of state in Australia – so being a British national, would the Australian High Court like to try and tell Her Majesty that she is ineligible of serving as head of state because she’s not Australian??

Thought not.

What makes this decision, and it is a stupid one – we don’t need to debate that, all the more remarkable is that Katy Gallagher is infact Australian born and bred.

For some reason, she has accepted the decision handed down by the Australian High Court, despite having spent 17 years representing the people of the Australian Capital Territory.

If I was advising Gallagher, I’d be telling her to take to the matter to the Commonwealth, sod the Australian system, it is clearly bent, skewed, knackered, not-fit-for-purpose – whatever word you want really for rubbish.

Her simple defense, which would be a winner anywhere else in the world, other than Down Under obviously, is that she is a subject of the realm first, and an Australian second – the same as everyone else born in Australia.

So What’s My View?

Well it should be pretty clear from the way I’ve put together this post. Australian politicians and judges need to stop being so pompous, get off their high-horses, and get a grip with the reality of the world.

You’re not proving your place in the world as an independent state by giving one of your own citizens the elbow from their job, just because they also hold a British passport.

In fact, you’ve made yourselves look like a bunch of stuck-up bullies.

If it was the will of the Australian people that they didn’t want a person with dual nationality serving them in the Senate, they will have voted her out on 18th May 2019 – the next Senate elections.

You see Australia – that is why we have elections, so you get rid of the politicians that don’t tick your boxes.

And I thought British politics was bad… sheesh.