Shambolic Brexit Indecision


It’s like something out of a movie script, no scratch that, it’s like nothing that could be imagined. Brexit just went from the ludicrous to outright chaos.

Members of Parliament harped on and on about having their say on Brexit, so that the House of Commons could reach a consensus on what flavour of Brexit it could pass.

Finally after months of whining, they got their way, with a bunch of “indicative votes”. The only problem is, after eight votes, they still couldn’t decide what they wanted.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, ALL of the indicative votes fell.

Whilst that is momentously shocking, it doesn’t stop there.

Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated a short extension to Article 50, the clause which allows a member state to leave the European Union, on the basis that the deal between the UK and the EU is ratified by Parliament.

This is where the “meaningful vote” comes in. Twice already, parliament have rejected May’s deal. To add to the drama, the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has told May in no uncertain terms, that she cannot bring back her “deal” for a third attempt unless it is substantially changed.

So here we are, Thursday the 28th March – the UK was supposed to leave the EU at 11pm tomorrow (29th March).

Rumours were abound this morning that the House of Commons would sit tomorrow (Friday 29th March) to debate and vote on – you guessed it – May’s deal. The very one the speaker said couldn’t be tabled.

Cue Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom, who laid out tomorrow’s agenda.

It’s not MV3 tomorrow, but half of it.

You couldn’t make it up.