Yobs Throw Stones at Ambulance in Birmingham

Yobs Throw Stones at Ambulance in Birmingham

A bunch of mindless hooligans threw stones at an ambulance whilst it was responding to an emergency call last night.

It happened on the Collector Road in Castle Bromwich, not an area of Birmingham generally renowned for anti-social behaviour, at around 9pm on Thursday.

Obviously, West Midlands Ambulance Service and West Midlands Police are attempting to track down the scumbags that did this. What makes the incident worse, is that the ambulance was on blue lights at the time, and responding to a 999 call.

Emergency Services Operations Delivery Director, Nathan Hudson, said: “It is incredibly frustrating to once again find ourselves questioning why on earth somebody would want to do this to an ambulance.

“Not only that, but given it was using blue lights at the time, whoever did this could clearly see it was responding to an emergency, what if it had been on the way to one of their family members or rushing a loved one to hospital?

“We’re now faced with a vehicle being out of service, a repair bill and not forgetting the horrible nature of this incident for the staff involved. I am extremely thankful no-one was hurt.

“We will be pulling the CCTV from the vehicle and passing it to the police but we would ask for anyone who has any information about this despicable incident to contact West Midlands Police on 101 and quote 20be/75740d/19.”

Comment: What an absolute disgrace. The only problem is, the punishment under our current legal system by no means fits the crime. These wasters will probably not even see custody for their actions.

It should be left down to a judge/magistrate to determine a suitable punishment in cases such as this, outside of the normal parameters for sentencing.