What’s the Deal with Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines?

What's the Deal with Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines?

The possibility of a rags-to-riches story has been bubbling in the South-East city of Chelmsford for a few months now, at “Atmosphere”, or has it?

I introduce Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines, a shell-company set up by a young man named Jason Unsworth. His stated intention is to commence commercial airline operations out of London’s Stansted airport to wildly optimistic destinations around the globe.

I’ve watched with intrigue on internet forums and social media for a while now. Normally these flash-in-the-pan “wannabe” twitterers appear and disappear quite often and quite regularly.

This one however has, in recent months, begun to stray into territory that, if not accurate, or if not correct, could land an individual in quite considerable trouble.

There have been claims made publicly on social media that range from barely credible, to verging on “I’m off to Mars for a few weeks” territory.

To make matters worse, Mr. Unsworth has now started appearing on the fringes of the mainstream press, and has in the recent past advertised employment open days for airline staff that have never materialised.

So, I decided that, using the information I have been able to gather from sources on the web, via telephone and in some journalistic circles, I would write to Mr. Unsworth.

Here is my letter:

Dear Mr Unsworth,

My name is Kevin Coy and I am a British freelance investigative journalist.

Following recent media coverage, including online and on television, your company (Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines UK PVT Limited) has come to my attention in respect of “Jet Airways”, and I am looking to quantify and clarify the facts that have been reported by you in the press, and on social media.

Social Media

It is clear from your very enthusiastic social media activity that you have a considerable interest in the airline sector, and that troubled Indian carrier “Jet Airways” has piqued that interest of yours. Whilst your social media activity leads for very interesting reading, and for the most part is poorly executed from a public relations perspective, my only advice in this area going forward, would be to seek the help of a professional Public Relations agency.

Damaging one’s reputation with ill-conceived and ill-thought-out tweets, Facebook posts etc can and will irreparably damage a brand and a person’s credibility very quickly.

Jet Airways

As the bidding process is fraught, fractured and complex; which other suitors, solicited and/or unsolicited have you met with in order to pursue a joint-venture bid for Jet Airways?

It goes without saying that you are aware that joint-venture Indian Airlines cannot have a foreign airline interest of over a 49% share as is dictated by the “Substantial Ownership Effective Control (SOEC)” rules?

Contact has been established with Etihad, TPG Capital, Indigo Partners and NIIF in respect of their expressions of interest in Jet Airways. I understand that Etihad are working with numerous potential suitors including Adi Partners and an investment group led by Sankaran Raghunathan.

Could you confirm if you have met with any of the parties that have submitted expressions of interest in Jet Airways, and if so; who, where and when?

You are quoted in the press as saying; “I have a network of the best and most experienced aviation consultants in the industry,”. – Could you confirm who these are?

“..as well as over 10 years experience working for numerous airlines.” – Could you confirm who these airlines are and the positions held?

“I have been leading a startup team of airline professionals, our airline is expected to launch later this winter.” – Again, could you confirm who are these ‘airline professionals’.

In respect of your reported approach for Jet Airways, and on the basis that other bidders are not withholding bid values… could you confirm a) your most recent bid, b) when it was submitted, c) who is backing it, and d) if the funds have been transferred?

Finance and UK Status

Similarly, could you confirm who is acting on your behalf in respect of the transfer of monies? Who are the bankers for Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines UK PVT Limited? For the purposes of taxation and financial reporting, if you haven’t yet, when do you intend to hold an Emergency General Meeting of Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines UK PVT Limited?

Whilst on the subject of corporate affairs. Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines UK PVT Limited’s accounts are currently 8 weeks overdue. Are your potential partners and are the benefactors of any takeover proposal of yours aware that your company is currently standing in breach of the Companies Act, and which can result in criminal proceedings against the registered directors?

Your registered office address at Companies House is not the same as your declared Headquarters on your website. Your Companies House details would appear to be the same for the company as the three directors. The address on your website listed as your Headquarters is a commercial premises operated by Savills PLC, and with a minimum occupancy rate of nearly 6,000 sq ft – a substantial amount of office space for a non-trading, start-up company.


Obviously, the answers to the questions raised in this letter are not of a sensitive nature, and the information requested is offered up by companies in regards to their openness and transparency. Indeed, a company that refuses to answer straight-forward questions would immediately be likened to a politician and would lack any credibility & legitimacy.

This is an opportunity to prove any critics and doubters wrong, by proving credibility and legitimacy.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With Regards
Kevin Coy

If, and/or when any reply is received… I will post it here. (Update: A response of sorts was received by the way of a twitter back and forth – during which a full response to my letter was also promised.  As of 2nd Oct 2019, that full response hasn’t been received.)

Also approached for comment are;

  • UK Civil Aviation Authority
  • Indian Civil Aviation Authority
  • NIIF India
  • State Bank of India
  • Stansted Airport
  • Intelisys Aviation
  • Indigo Partners
  • TPG
  • Etihad Airways
  • Kase Aviation

Your comments are as always very welcome if you have any (below).