EU Elections: Westminster Politics is About to Get a Shock


I’m a brexiteer. I’m also a life-long Conservative. I will be voting for the Brexit Party tomorrow, at the European Parliamentary Elections.

I honestly believe that both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party are sleepwalking into one of the biggest electoral upsets in generations, if not in modern political history.

Whether the political machines of these parties are so obsessed with the goings-on inside the Westminster bubble, I don’t know.

It is clear in towns and cities across the country, from Conservative safe-seats to Labour heartlands, that the tide of opinion is not turning, it has turned.

Opinion polls have been woefully inaccurate in the last few general elections, so I’m looking at the last few weeks polling data with extreme caution. I’ll caveat that by saying that the extreme caution is being used on where the main parties are going to end up on Sunday. The polling data is very consistently clear that the Brexit Party are heading for a decisive victory.

If the Brexit Party end up polling over 40%, that will represent an utter disaster for the established the parties. Similarly, anything at or below 7% could only be seen as an utter disaster for the Conservatives or Labour.

Elsewhere, on the back of their Local Elections performance, the Liberal Democrats look to be the outsider that could poll into second position, behind the Brexit Party. Their remain platform has been seen by the electorate at the only one that not only has even a modicum of possibility, but the only one that garners any level of trust.

Either way, the results will be played down by the Westminster machine. The size of victory by the Brexit party will be dismissed as a protest vote, and there will be a lot of “it’s at the general election that it matters” from the mainstream lot.

I think that things really have changed this time though. I think at the next general election, the mainstream established parties will be rather shocked as to how the country “actually” view them.

Out of touch, elitist and not-representative of the people are just some of the ways the proper country sees our current crop of parliamentarians.