The Q&A: Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines

The Q&A: Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines

In an unexpected move, an impromptu Q&A took place on Thursday morning between Jason Unsworth, subject of recent articles, and myself on Twitter.

In what I can only describe as the most surreal of circumstances, an hour-long public discussion took place, in which nothing new was revealed, no questions were answered, and no suspicions were alleviated.

Everything below, at the time of writing, is publicly available on Twitter.


Jason Unsworth (JA): I have just read your article again for the second time, which I will fully respond to…firstly a U.K. based airline requires a U.K. AOC & ATOL licence with a £10 Million Pound bond agreement in place, in case of failure, secondly should we start our oversees based airline first we have the option to begin on a Malaysian AOC with is much easier & cheaper to obtain, any foreign airline requires a foreign operators permit from the @UK_CAA, to operate flights into UKairports…

Kevin Coy (KC): Incorrect.

JU: No, your a journalist, I’m an Aviation #entrepreneur who’s done my research.

KC: Jason, you clearly haven’t. Unless you have a Malaysian company registered, of which you would need to be resident in Malaysia, you are bound by UK laws. Any UK registered company operating aviation activities requires CAA licensing whether op’ing here or not. Fact.

JU: Stansted Airport have been very unsupportive, of a new Airline #startup considering we have backed plans for expansion and growth at @OurStansted and @HeathrowAirport @Gatwick_Airport & @LDNLutonAirport are widely available for a new airline #startup

KC: backed by whom?

JU: We have Malaysian, Indian, & Thai Partners to do the necessary.

KC: Who are?

JU: Regarding Mr Natpan’s responses he & his company gave us a tour of @Utapao_Airport last year… as we begin the process of basing at Thailand’s new third international airport. @prdthailand @prayutofficial

KC: Good, that is the sort of response that is very helpful. I will go back to Mr Natpan with this photograph. It still doesn’t really clear much up though I’m afraid.

Considering you’ve done your research, you do realise that @HeathrowAirport isn’t widely available to newcomers? Slots are at a heavy premium. @Gatwick_Airport is similarly expensive per slot. How do you intend to fund access to these major airports?

JU: My Wife @SasiUnsworth was employed by him between June 2018 – April 29th 2019 for the past 11 months, not 5 months. Until she handed her notice in March 2018 to visit my family in the U.K.

KC: That’s fine Jason. I advise you to remove the pictures, that is your family and not part of this. No one is denying or challenging that she worked there or not. The fact it came up in investigation was that the role you claimed she did there, is disputed.

JU: I don’t need to remove the pictures because we have nothing to hide.

JU: She was employed as a clerk/administrative assistant for 5 months before completing her training as a Cargo/Customs Broker working between @BKK_airport & @Utapao_Airport

KC: I think Q&A’s about your Wife is distracting from the key points here. Even during this twitter exchange, I have asked three pertinent questions that have gone unanswered. 1) backed by whom? 2) MY, IN & TH partners are? 3) how are you funding airport slots in UK?

JU: All I will answer over the coming days…

KC: Why over the coming days? These are claims you have made already, so the details would surely be on hand immediately?? You just said “we have nothing to hide” in your previous tweet. It doesn’t look good does it?

JU: The main answer would be the Malaysia Government, as I’ve spoken with them, Mr Join Poindexter the owner of the ex @MAS aircraft and the Malaysian Partners we have from @MAS…

KC: I’m sure that’s an answer to something, but it isn’t an answer to my questions. If you want to vindicate your position, who does this person work for and how can he/she be contacted? Which Malaysia Govt department and contact do you have and how can they be contacted?

No further responses were received.

So, basically, you could say the whole thing was a waste of time. I’ve been promised a full response to my articles over the past week, so I’ll look forward to reading that if and when it transpires.

A reminder of the three major points I raised, that went unanswered – Who is backing Atmosphere? Who are the Partners in Malaysia, India and Thailand? and who is funding the airport slots in the UK?

I’m still perplexed as to why it has taken a week to respond to me though, I must say in 18 years, this is a first for me!!  It’s even more perplexing to respond to me with no answers and in such a public forum!