Alistair Campbell Booted Out of the Labour Party

Alistair Campbell Booted Out of the Labour Party

I can’t say it comes as a complete surprise about Alistair Campbell.  But for someone that is more Labour than Jeremy Corbyn, one must consider exactly where the Labour Party is going??

Things really don’t seem all well at Labour Party HQ, following a drubbing in the European Elections, the anti-Semitic row, Tony Blair slamming Corbyn on TV, and now the party ousting its former spin doctor.

Labour still can’t decide where it stands on ‘Brexit’, with mixed messages coming from different factions of the party. Indeed, since the polls closed in the Euro Elections, Tom Watson has been very active but not with the message of his party’s leadership.

With the Conservatives now locked in a leadership contest which looks for all intents and purposes as though it is going to be long and protracted, Labour is heading in much the same way the Tories have over the last two years.

There is clear slits within the party, and very soon it will be Corbyn and his supporters alongside Watson and his supporters. Two parties masquerading as one.

What Labour have done today is bin off their best commentator and PR magnet. Alistair Campbell always attracts an audience, and is in big demand for the mainstream broadcasters.

The last thing Corbyn needs right now, is Campbell briefing against him.

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