Labour Re-considers Campbell Expulsion – A Total Farce

Labour Re-considers Campbell Expulsion - A Total Farce

The Labour Party has descended into total farce in the past 48 hours, especially as it transpires that Alistair Campbell might now be re-instated as a member.

Campbell was sensationally booted out of the Labour Party, a movement he has supported all of his life, for admitting that he had voted for the Liberal Democrats in the European Elections.

The move by Labour created a backlash, not only within the party, but in the nation as a whole.   Several other high profile party members came out in support of Campbell, and some went so far as to confirm that they too had voted for other parties.

Labour however, at the time of writing, appear to have expelled no other members on the same basis as that on which they dismissed Campbell.

To add further to the state of how the Labour Party is beleaguered by crisis, at around the same time news broke of Campbell’s expulsion, it was announced that the EHRC are to investigate the party following claims of anti-semitism.

Many critics have questioned the timing of Campbell’s expulsion, knowing that it would be a newsworthy event.  Was it done to draw attention away from the investigation?

What is fundamentally clear, is that both situations have been handled badly by the party.  Video footage of party leader Jeremy Corbyn walking down a street and then abruptly about-turning and walking the other way when confronted on the issue by a journalist gives a visual example of this.

There now appears to be an all-out power struggle within the Labour Party.  It is evident that Tom Watson is working to his own agenda, often out of sync with that of his leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Any hope of the Conservative Party leadership contest distracting the country from the daily woes of the Labour Party are ill-founded.  Labour are doing a sterling job of generating their own daily coverage – and none of it is good news.