Could Spurs Win the Champions League?

Could Spurs Win the Champions League?

I will confess from the outset, I neither support Spurs nor Liverpool. I will however, be watching the UEFA Champions League final.

All the momentum going into the match in Madrid on Saturday is with Liverpool. Their title chase with Manchester City provided gripping viewing towards the end of the Premier League season.

Despite this, I cannot write off Tottenham Hotspur. For nearly two decades, whether in the Champions League or the Europa League, Spurs have always gone against form a performed almost to the opposite of expectations.

If Spurs were performing well in domestic competition, they faired badly in Europe. It was also the case vice-versa.

This time though, it is different. Spurs have made it to Madrid. There is no domestic competition pressure, and the team have had a lengthy period since the end of the season and the final to relax, train, and build a game-plan to beat Liverpool.

Beat Liverpool. That’s a tough ask in anyone’s money. Not many teams domestically or across Europe have managed it in the previous season. A defensive brute and an attacking powerhouse, on their day, Liverpool are pretty much equal with Manchester City in the unbeatable ranks.

They are though fallible. Dramatic comebacks aside, and gosh there have been a few in recent history for Liverpool in recent European footballing history, Liverpool CAN be beaten.

What a Champions League Atmosphere

The question is, has Mauricio Pochettino got the right game plan? Which Spurs will turn up on the night? Which Liverpool will turn up on the night?

Madrid will be filled with an amazing, electric atmosphere – a carnival of celebration for the best of British football. Four British teams will have competed in Europe’s two biggest footballing prizes. In the space of four days?  That’s simply amazing.

Whatever happens, it promises to be one hell of a European final.