The Response: Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines

What's the Deal with Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines?

Two weeks ago, I wrote to a company that claims to be starting a new airline, and buying a bankrupt Indian one – they have finally responded.

Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines is very active on social media, and has managed to generate some local media traction in India, despite not being able to prove any of its credentials.

When I wrote to the self-proclaimed CEO of Atmosphere Intercontinental Airlines, I was promised an “e-mailed” response. A week had passed at which point I had received responses from all other parties that I had contacted regarding the matter. I had still not received the promised e-mail response.

In a strange move for a company CEO, Jason Unsworth decided to engage in an impromptu Q&A session publicly via Twitter rather than a written response to my questions. One of the first things he said was that I’d still get a detailed written response!

It goes without saying that the questions I had posed in the original letter, and during the Q&A remain unanswered.

I have still not received the written response.

Rather strangely, the following statement has been directed at me on Facebook; “We have read your article and deny your allegations, no fraud has been committed, and we’re sorry you have received false allegations and information regarding our startup airline company.”

That statement, along with other messages to me including; “we are not fake kevin”, and; “Your claims are untrue, our startup airline, isn’t a fake, I can assure you.!”

These are readily available to see on their Facebook page here. (In the reviews section).

In the interests of full disclosure, not long after my article exposing the truth on this matter, I was blocked by Jason Unsworth and his many other accounts on Twitter.

I’m still yet to have the “official” emailed response that I was promised two weeks ago – infact I’m yet to receive any emailed response of any kind.

Considering that they can “assure” me that Atmosphere is not fake, It’s not very assuring that;

  • I get blocked on Twitter, along with anyone else who asks legitimate questions
  • one line responses are issued through other social media
  • no answers to pertinent questions raised
  • no emailed response as promised


Not a very slick operation for an organisation claiming to be stumping up £250 MILLION in a publicly fought airline rescue in which it is never mentioned, is it?!?!

Finally, I’m very surprised I haven’t heard from Atmosphere Airlines Legal yet (@atmospherelegal) given that my articles have warranted such responses!