Theresa May Becomes ‘Lame Duck’ Prime Minister

Theresa May Becomes 'Lame Duck' Prime Minister

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has officially stood down as the leader of the ruling Conservative Party, officially triggering a leadership contest, and becoming a Lame Duck.

May will remain in Number 10 as a ‘caretaker’ Prime Minister until the end of the contest to pick a new party head, meaning she isn’t out of Downing Street just yet.

To use a US political analogy, quite like when there is congressional elections, the outcome is known before the position is effected. In other words, there is a few months where it is entirely possible in US elections, that senators or representatives can still wield power, even though they know they are headed for the door.

It’s known as being a “Lame Duck”.

So, for the next month at least, the UK has a Lame Duck Prime Minister, with the full power and trappings of Government. She could, quite frankly, do what she likes in that time, knowing full-well that the next occupant would have to deal with the consequences.

Ethical? Well, would you give much of a damn after your own lot got shot of you???