Twitter Account Suspended – I Wonder Why That Is, Then?

Twitter Account Suspended - I Wonder Why That Is, Then?

Just as I was partaking in some late-night political discussion on Twitter last night, my account (@kevincoyuk) was suddenly suspended… why is that then?

Here’s the interesting thing. The suspension took effect at 22:50, and there was no notification, mediation or option of recourse. The first I knew of the suspension was when I tried to post a tweet, and obviously couldn’t.

Then I noticed all of my followers vanish, and then all of the accounts I follow vanish.

I have held my twitter account since August 2008.

As with anything like this, my immediate action was to follow the prescribed steps from Twitter themselves, which is to fill in what is basically an email form. This generated an auto-generated email and a case number, which was received at 23:23. That email asked me to respond proving that I could access my email address – which I did immediately.

So far, I’ve heard nothing further from Twitter.

It seems rather odd, that for a company the size of Twitter, it is not possible to raise someone on the phone in circumstances like this.   It’s further quite interesting that Twitter, and yes, I accept that it is their platform and that they can have who or what they want on it, go about seemingly automatically suspending accounts without notifying those affected first.

Clearly, my first action here is to get my 11-year-old Twitter account restored.  Secondly, I will then use all of the resources available to me, to force Twitter to divulge the reasons behind the suspension.

Obviously, I have my suspicions as to the who, what, where, when, why and how my account has become suspended – something which has never happened in the more-than-a-decade that I’ve used the platform.

One thing is for certain, regardless of if my account re-instated or not by Twitter, somebody somewhere has just opened a record-breaking can of worms…