New York Yankees Come to London

New York Yankees Come to London

It is going to be quite a weekend as the greatest Baseball rivalry comes the UK – Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees – is in London!

With the weather looking to be record-setting, England’s “Lionesses” performing brilliantly in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, and a quite lately strange but not unwelcome good feeling in the atmosphere, it promises to be one epic weekend!

I have been following the New York Yankees since becoming interested in baseball nearly 20 years ago. I had no idea a few years ago, let alone two decades ago, that the Bronx Bombers would ever make their way over the Atlantic to play on British soil.

The only gripe I have is that MLB went for the relatively safe option of the low-capacity Olympic stadium instead of a larger venue such as Wembley or Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

I can understand why MLB did it, but the fact that tickets sold out almost as soon as going on sale, preventing hardened UK-based baseball-watchers such as myself from getting hold of any, proves that there is massive demand. It’s a bold call, but I believe either Red Sox versus Yankees or a subway series would sell-out Wembley Stadium numerous times over.

Food for thought there for the organisers of the London Series both here in the UK, and back at MLB Headquarters.

Aside from that, other things to keep folks entertained alongside the inaugural London Series this weekend include the iconic Glastonbury Festival, and the Formula 1. What more could one want?!?