There is No Need for Travel Reporters Anymore

Working at Trafficlink

It is still the staple of a breakfast show, and for that matter, a drivetime show… but there is no need for travel reports anymore.

I come at this as an expert. I spent eight (8) years of my working life as an editor for a company that supplied travel news to radio and television stations.

Back in those days, the information we supplied was without doubt game changing.

Now, however, with live travel data being fed to SatNavs and mobile phones, the day of the traffic and travel reporter is well and truly over.

Let’s take a look at it from a standing start… I want to go from London to Edinburgh. I get in my car, and I think – “it must be the M1, but if the M1 is knackered, I’ll do the M1, the M6 and then see where we end up”.

No, it doesn’t work that way any more. The days of “Sally Traffic” on Radio Two, and the rest of those on local networks is well and truly over.

Even the one only true remaining traffic and travel firm has diversified, knowing Full-well that those seeking travel news will look to their phone before they will change the dial and tune into the radio.

It’s a sad moment for my former colleagues… I worked in this industry back in the day… but its over. It is not an industry any more. It used to be, but it is not now.

The radio business was better for some of the travel jocks that went on to present mainstream shows, but there are also some travel jocks that have gone on to higher regard and should not have done.

The industry is re-adjusting itself, and I hope the current management will find these fakes out too.