Geoffrey Cox Tells Parliament Exactly What the Electorate are Thinking

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The UK Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC MP, gave a rip-roaring display at the resumption of sitting in the House of Commons, calling the current Parliament “dead”.

The 2017-19 Parliamentary session was resumed on Wednesday, the day after the Supreme Court had ruled that the prorogation that had been enacted was not in effect.

Earlier, on Tuesday, immediately after the Supreme Court made it’s ruling, outgoing Speaker John Bercow MP announced the resumption of the parliamentary sitting, saying; “I welcome the Supreme Court’s judgement that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful. The judges have rejected the Government’s claim that closing down Parliament for five weeks was merely standard practice to allow for a new Queen’s Speech.

“In reaching their conclusion, they have vindicated the right and duty of Parliament to meet at this crucial time to scrutinise the executive and hold Ministers to account. As the embodiment of our Parliamentary democracy, the House of Commons must convene without delay. To this end, I will now consult the party leaders as a matter of urgency.”

250919 cox 300x169 - Geoffrey Cox Tells Parliament Exactly What the Electorate are ThinkingCox was in the chamber to answer and Urgent Question on the ruling by the Supreme Court and his advice given to the Government. In typical Cox style, with his “baritone” booming voice, went to town on opposition MP’s by saying parliament was a “dead parliament” and had “no moral right to sit.”

He also went on to say that the only aim of some opposition MP’s was to prevent Brexit in its entirety. Warning parliamentarians that Brexit could not be postponed indefinitely, he pointed at the opposition members and quipped; “even these turkeys won’t be able to prevent Christmas”.

The thing is though, Geoffrey Cox is absolutely right. Parliament remains paralysed. There was nothing in his booming responses to the house that were not accurate. His damning assessment of the games being played by members of the House of Commons are a crude reality check.

Such was the accuracy of reality check in-fact, that all members of the house would be wise to listen back and heed the advice.

This parliament remains paralysed. It cannot decide and is therefore stagnant. It must dissolve immediately to allow the electorate to return a parliament that might because to come to some decisions and move forward.

In any case, Geoffrey Cox QC MP is known for this theatrical and enthusiastic performances in the House of Commons chamber, but this one will almost certainly go down in history as one of his best.