FSX: Flybe Saab 340 Birmingham (EGBB) to Newquay (EGHQ)

FSX: Birmingham Airport (EGBB) to Newquay (EGHQ) in a Flybe Saab 340

An (FSX) Flight Simulator flight from Birmingham Airport (EGBB) to Newquay (EGHQ). Cracking flight with some interesting flying conditions!!!

A bit of gaming licence was required for this flight as Flybe no longer use the Saab 340, however I find it a wonderful, and fun aircraft to fly.  On that basis, when I fancy a “lazy stream“, more often than not, it is the Saab 340 that I turn to.

The flight should have taken 45 mins (according to the conditions), but in the end, it took 1 hour and 30 minutes!!!

Other than what should have been a short flight taking substantially longer, the flight went well and really quite smoothly.

This particular aircraft and model performs very well, even in tough flying conditions.  Although saying that, I’m yet to really test it in challenging cross-wind conditions.

That’s probably another idea for a stream over the Autumn period when the real-world weather worsens!

The approach in to Newquay airport is one that is a breeze, particularly with the “cross-Cornwall” nature of it.  The approach effectively begins on the south coast of Devon and Cornwall.  This gives great views along the English Riviera.

Officially entitled “Cornwall Airport, Newquay”, it is easy to see why landing (and departing – that’s for another stream though) is a fairly easy task.  The airport was previously an air force base named RAF St. Mawgan.

It’s previous name comes from the village in which it is actually located, St. Mawgan.  The village itself is over 4 miles from the centre of Newquay.

The airport is served predominantly by Flybe, serving domestic UK routes.  It is also used by Skybus for it’s flights to the Isles of Scilly – a route that will doubtlessly be flown by me in Flight Simulator in the very near future!