Rory Stewart for London Mayor? It’s a Fair Shout

Rory Stewart for London Mayor? It's a Fair Shout

Rory Stewart MP, the former Conservative Party leader candidate, has announced that he is to run for London Mayor as an independent candidate.

Stewart made his announcement in the London Evening Standard, after announcing that he has resigned from the Conservative Party and would stand down as an MP at the next general election.

As the insurgent candidate in the Conservative Party’s leadership contest earlier in the year, Stewart gained a popular following with his campaigning exploits. He toured the country and streamed live online as he walked around the streets of towns and cities talking to anyone who wanted to listen.

His style and manner certainly works with the public and his way of presenting his point of view is very much different from that of the current brand of politicians.

Rarely does he come across as confrontational, or resort to the typical politician way of verbal abusing their opposition. His use of substance rather than insults plays very well with the electorate.

Traditionally, independent candidates tend to play well in London mayoral contests – we only need to look so far as Ken Livingstone as proof of that. Rory has the appeal across the broad demographic of London to upset the race, where current Mayor Sadiq Khan could suffer from the current issues the Labour party has with the electorate, and the Conservatives issues over Brexit.

From a personal point of view, as I sit and think about it – I can actually see Rory Stewart as London Mayor.

What is for sure, his candidacy has put the cat among the pigeons for the traditional party candidates, and Khan’s office must be really rather concerned by the announcement – even though they won’t say so publicly.