Idiots Force Bus Company to Cancel Halloween Special

Birmingham Bus Company Cancels Halloween Bus Special

National Express West Midlands, the main bus operator in Birmingham, has cancelled a Halloween “Zombie Bus” special because of anti-social behaviour.

The special bus service laid on by the company ran on 30th October and was supposed to run on the 31st October (Halloween) but has been pulled due to the actions of a “small number of people”.

The charity event saw the company operate the “666” bus, raising money for youth cancer charity, CLIC Sargent.

The company said in a statement; “Due to anti-social behaviour from a small group of people yesterday evening, National Express West Midlands has had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 666 Brum Zombie Bus service this evening (Thursday 31st October 2019).

“We apologise to anybody that had made plans to board the 666 Brum Zombie Bus this evening – we’re really sorry to have to disappoint them. But we must put the safety of our customers and staff first.”

What is really appalling about this is the utter breakdown in society that sees a company like this having to pull an event. A company that tries to do something really insightful and on behalf of the public that is quirky and different. A company giving something back to the community it serves whilst raising money for good causes.

With the instances of anti-social behaviour such as this, my only hope is that West Midlands Police swing into action and catch the scumbags that have ruined an event for the majority of the peaceful and law-abiding people.

A rather large and heavy book should be chucked at these idiots in the courts, followed up with an example-setting strong sentence, which is then broadcast far and wide in order to deter such future criminal acts.

Because of those narrow-minded louts, a charity is going to miss out on a fundraising opportunity.

Please follow this link, provided by National Express West Midlands, and give what you can to replace what the charity will miss out on because of a few absolute plonkers:-

(Image used in this article is © National Express West Midlands).