Trump Dismisses Corbyn NHS Claims on Radio Phone In

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US President Donald Trump has squashed Jeremy Corbyn’s claims that he is trying to buy the NHS in an interview on LBC.

In a blow to those who repeatedly call Prime Minister Boris Johnson a liar, the President of the United States sensationally called out Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s claim that he wanted to buy the NHS as lies.

Only hours earlier, Corbyn took to the stage at a campaign launch rally in Battersea, London, unveiling his party’s campaign slogan “It’s time for real change”.

He went on to categorically say that the NHS was “not for sale” and that future trade with the USA would not allow firms based in North America any further access to trade deals within the health system.

The jubilant crowd of supporters chanted “not for sale”.

Around an hour after Corbyn gave his speech, he posted a tweet in which he went on to attack Boris Johnson and President Trump directly, saying; “his toxic trade deal with Trump could hand over £500 million a week of NHS money to US drugs corporations. Labour will stop them.
Our NHS is not for sale – to Donald Trump or anyone.”

Only hours later, in a unprecedented intervention into British politics, albeit outside of the official campaign period (that starts next Wednesday after the dissolution of Parliament), President Trump appeared on a phone-in show on LBC. Hosted by his friend, ally, and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, Trump covered a wide range of subjects in the thirty minute discussion.

The most important part of the interview where this article is concerned, is when Trump said on the NHS; “I don’t even know where that started. I don’t even know where your healthcare system started with respect to us taking over your healthcare system. It’s so ridiculous. I think Corbyn put that out there. It was never even mentioned. I never even heard it until I went to visit with the Queen.”

Corbyn immediately hit back, accusing the US President of interference in British politics and saying that it was Trump who said that privatising the NHS was “on the table” for the purposes of US-UK trade talks.

The quote that Corbyn and his chums love to wheel out on a regular basis from Trump, is one from a joint press conference between then PM Theresa May and himself, where he was asked about the involvement of US firms and access to the NHS.

It was very clear from the footage that Trump didn’t understand, or didn’t hear the question correctly, and May’s attempts to relay it to him was not exactly the best of efforts on her part.

His answer, which has been so much jumped on since the summer, was infact generic. He said; “I think everything with a trade deal is on the table. So NHS or anything else, or a lot more than that. But everything will be on the table, absolutely.”

Hours after that press conference, Trump gave an interview to Piers Morgan, where he confirmed his position and that of the USA; “Somebody asked me a question today and I say everything’s up for negotiation because everything is. But I don’t see that (the NHS) being… That’s (NHS) something that I would not consider part of trade. That’s not trade.”

So with the narrative of the NHS being “up for sale” in any trade negotiations with the USA has now been called out as a flat-out lie.

The opposition parties are making a big play of Boris Johnson being a liar, Donald Trump being a liar, what is now clear, with the irrefutable evidence in this article, is that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is in fact – a liar.