A Quick Randomness – Summer or Not to Summer…

Birmingham City Centre during the Coronavirus Lock-down

I really don’t know how to address this one. Go on holiday this Summer? Meet family and friends? Have a jolly good time? I’m not sure.

All I know is that, even with the vaccine coming thick and fast… despite the sceptics, the best roll-out not only in the world, but in the history of vaccines… we’re still not there yet.

There’s this India variant. I’m not convinced that even with a vaccine, we’re totally safe. Of course no vaccine is ever totally safe.

The Coronavirus is still here. Be it the Indian Variant, the Kent one, or the South African one…. they are still around.

It might be fear that I come at this from. But also I’m thinking pragmatically. Why not give it a few months… maybe even to the end of the year before we start charging around our cities and country like we own the place?

It seems to me that a massive amount of selfishness, greed and a degree of “I know better” is kicking in now. I think that’s going to cause a problem.

I’m not an expert in virology, or in epidemic studies, but that’s my view for this summer.