GB News Nears Launch Date

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The UK’s latest news channel, GB News, is nearing its widely anticipated launch date, but what is the likely impact on the UK’s news and media landscape?

Andrew Neil’s brainchild, GB News is to launch in the United Kingdom on the 13th June with a line-up of top talent poached from other UK broadcasters.

One of the main signing’s for the new station, which will broadcast on all major platforms in the UK, as well as streaming online, will be Alaister Stewart, a veteran of broadcasting, and one of the most trusted names in news.

GB News has said that; “We’ll share what’s really happening, bringing all of the nation together, all in one place – uniting, not dividing.

“We’ll talk about the stories you want to talk about and ask the questions you want answered, because your agenda is our agenda. We’ll dig deeper, giving you the facts to make up your own mind, and since there are always more than two sides to every story, we’ll welcome new & diverse voices to every debate – including yours.”

Long-time Sky News anchor Colin Brazier, who has covered some of the most difficult news stories in recent years has also made the transition to GB News.

One other unlikely character that GB News have signed is scientist and long-time “BBC Coast” presenter Neil Oliver, in what can only be seen as a move towards covering environmental issues far more than the BBC or Sky News have so far.

In terms of competition, most of the media have said that GB News poses a threat to the BBC. I think differently. Sky News are more at risk from a “new kid on the block”, and rightly so. Sky has become more political and biased in it’s coverage in recent years, deviating from it’s original roots.

Sky News even attempted the “appointment to view” model that GB News will launch with, and failed.

For Sky UK, and Comcast, the delay of Sky World News seems to be a massive mistake when GB News, backed by Discovery goes to air later this month.

This article was originally written for News on News, and republished here after it was first published there.