Barbados Divorces The Queen

Her Majesty The Queen

Barbados has voted, and subsequently removed, Queen Elizabeth II as it’s head of state, and in turn has become a republic with President Sandra Mason being sworn in at midnight.

The ceremony was held at midnight, the exact moment where the Queen ceased to be head of state in Barbados, with Prince Charles in attendance.

In a poignant and powerful moment, a salute was made to the British Monarchy just as the royal standard was lowered for the last time.

Dame Sandra Mason has now replaced the Queen as the head of state in Barbados. The 72-year-old is the island’s governor-general, a role she has held since 2018, and now becomes “president-elect”.

On her swearing in, she said; “Vessel Republic Barbados has set sail on her maiden voyage. May she weather all storms and land our country and citizens safely on the horizons and shores which are ahead of us.”