A Right Royal Mess! Harry’s Book is a Shameless Embarrassment

A Right Royal Mess! Harry's Book is a Shameless Embarrassment

Prince Harry’s book “Spare”, accidentally released in Spain ahead of schedule this week, has reduced the Royal Family to something along the lines of Channel 4’s Shameless.

In the book, oddly titled “Spare“, which frankly could relate to a multitude of things, Harry openly talks about his direct experiences with drug taking, sex, and violence. It’s precisely what viewers are greeted with when watching the hit Channel 4 show, Shameless.

Now, for those not familiar with that programme, it follows the lives of the residents of the fictional Chatsworth Estate in Manchester, where the characters openly share their experiences with drug taking, sex and violence.

Indeed, Channel 4 describe the show as “Paul Abbott’s critically acclaimed, offbeat drama about the rollercoaster lives and loves of the dysfunctional Gallagher clan.

“Meet the Gallaghers as they experience life on the edge in a blur of sexual adventures, triumphs, love, scams and petty crime on a Manchester estate. And be thankful they’re not your neighbours…”

Change Gallagher for Royal, and you could be mistaken for thinking the description is spot on.

It is uncannily accurate.

What is really incomprehensible though, is why anyone, regardless of fame, fortune, or neither, would want to air such private laundry so destructively publicly?

I have an overriding suspicion that behind this book, is Meghan Markle. Since their relationship began, Markle has been pulling Harry’s strings from behind the scenes.

To me, Harry looks to be trapped in the clutches of Meghan, and regardless of whether that’s what he wants or not, she is in total control.

The hypocrisy of suing the media for intrusion, and then telling all in a ‘no holds barred’ book in this way is simply staggering. The pair look ridiculous – case in point, they didn’t mind all the camera’s at their wedding, did they?

Back to the Royal Family however, and this episode is the most damaging of a series of damaging episodes in this saga.

The Royal’s would be right to simply cut them off now from anything to do with the royalty, including withdrawing titles, and mount a major PR offensive discrediting anything in the book that is not accurate or embellished for the purposes of profit.

One thing is for certain with this book, both Harry and Meghan are utterly “Shameless“.