About Me

Business Development & Consultancy

Kevin has experience in running businesses specialising in government procurement and contract negotiation.  His experience includes negotiating with the Department of Work and Pensions, as well as local authorities across the UK.


Editing, Writing & Journalism

Kevin has nearly two decades of written and broadcast journalism experience.  Having presented on local radio in the 2000’s, as well as television appearances, Kevin also edited and presented traffic and travel news for four years.

  • News on News – Kevin founded News on News as World Business News in 2007, as the global financial crisis began to take hold.  As a journalist himself with both television and radio experience, Kevin tasked himself with keeping a regular journal specifically targeted at how the broadcast media covered the rapidly developing financial crisis.  The original focus was to critique the media from the viewpoint of how the media played a role – or not – in the exacerbation of the crisis both in terms of company collapses, but also how trading on global markets continued around ‘breaking news’ in the media.
  • Legal Resource – Scheduled to launch publicly in 2020, Legal Resource is developing the largest of its kind crossover database of legal professionals, services, advisers, places, departments, education and resources in the United Kingdom.



  • Jay Casey – Firstly, playing but a close second, developing transportation simulations.  Specifically focused on Train Simulations and Flight Simulations.  A large proportion of game-playing is broadcast on the specialised streaming platform Twitch and also on YouTube.